All aboard the good ship ‘Success’


My name’s Raj and I want to welcome you to my Internet home I really hope that you’ll be visiting regularly so that you can follow along as I embark on this exciting journey.

So your probably wondering who I am, yes?

Raj Riyat

Well, I’m Raj … That’s me in the picture.

I have a beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters, and we live on the outskirts of London in the UK. At the moment I am a Stay at Home Father …. so I take care of the kids while wifey brings home the bacon. Wow, taking care of the kids is a tough job.

I used to be a Mortgage and Insurance consultant until the infamous “Crash”. Business dried up and suddenly we were in a position where I wasn’t making any money. So, I stayed at home and my wife went out to work again.

A position neither of us wanted to be in for sure. My wife wants to be at home spending much more time with the kids and frankly I would like to be able to earn enough for all of us. What I would really like is a business that can bring in passive income and allow both of us to spend time as a family.

So I have decided, after months of just dabbling, to build a successful online business from the ground up and I am going to be documenting every step in this blog.

I would love for you to visit me here regularly and watch me go from newbie to my first $100,000 and beyond.

My first goal? ….. earn $1. If I can earn $1, I have ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that I can make it to $100, then $1000, on to $10000 and so on…..

The second goal is to gain a subscriber to my e-mail list. Building a high quality, responsive list is the cornerstone of a successful online marketer. You must have heard the phrase ‘The money is in the list’.

How will I do all this?

Well, if you want to succeed at something, you find a successful person and model them. So, I now have a mentor; Marc Milburn, a highly successful 7 figure marketer and I will be following his Online Wealth Blueprint coaching program.

The best part?…

If you follow me on this journey you will get to see EVERYTHING that I do along the way. I’m sure that will help you on your journey too. Just pop in once or twice a week and check to see how I’m doing. I will be posting at least once a week with an update and maybe more often if I have something extra to share.

I would LOVE IT if you could comment below to let me know you visited and even wish me luck.

Hopefully, I will be looking back in 12 months and saying ‘Wow! Look at the six figure business I have built’. Who knows, maybe you’ll be saying the same thing about yourself.

Will you follow my quest for online success and financial freedom?

Until next time. Take care.

Raj Riyat