Be like Tom Cruise and the Germans

“What is Raj going on about now?” you’re probably asking. What have the Germany and Tom Cruise got to do with Internet Marketing? Well let me explain.

Germany have just rightfully been crowned World Champions at the Football World Cup in Brazil. I think everyone and his dog watched with amazement last week when Brazil were taught a footballing lesson when they were beaten comprehensively 7-1 by the Germans. It was, in fact, a victory of teamwork; a well oiled machine with every player knowing what to do in his position. Germany was much more than the sum of its parts. This was a team ten years in the making.

Germany win 2014 World Cup

Germany win 2014 World Cup

The Brazilians on the other hand looked like a bunch of flashy individuals that thought that they could win by doing something special by them selves. Players leaving their positions and making huge individual errors.

Just like Germany, when you put a business together you need a plan and then need to follow that plan. The website may not be ‘bling’ but the content needs to be great. There needs to a congruency throughout the site with a set direction to meet specific targets.

For now, my plan dictates that my first targets are these:

  • To get traffic – over 100 views in a week
  • To create a free product to build a list
  • To gain my first subscriber
  • To make my $1 with this business

I will update these as they are accomplished. According to my plan this should happen within 30 days from today.

Where does Tom Cruise fit into all this? Well, last week I caught his film Edge of Tomorrow at the local cinema. If you like Sci-Fi, or Tom Cruise, or Emily Blunt 🙂 then this is a great movie to watch.

Edge of Tomorrow

The basic premise is that a soldier (Major William Cage) with virtually no combat skills is accidentally imbued with the power to relive the immediate past over and over again. Every time he dies he starts from the same point again. This gives him the opportunity to find the best path to defeating the aliens that are about to wipe out humanity.

What we see is a man with determination and drive to succeed. Every day he improves on his skills. If he tries something and it doesn’t work he tries something different until he reaches his goal. These are the same ingredients we need to be successful in a business.

We can take these lessons from cheesy Sci-Fi movies like Edge of Tomorrow, or we can take lessons from great people in our history. They all espouse the same virtues. To succeed we need to be persistent and consistent. And we need to able able to improve ourselves on a daily basis.

Patience, Persistence and Perspiration make an unbeleiveable combination for Success – Napoleon Hill

Take your Internet Marketing business seriously and commit to doing everything you can (ethically) to succeed. If that means writing blog and foum posts to drive traffic then that is what you do. If it means improving your blog regularly and consistently then again that is what you do.

In other words – have a PLAN, have your TARGETS and pursue them with VIGOUR.