Rubbing Shoulders with the Big Boys

Wow! What a great weekend.

So, I have just returned from Manchester having spent the weekend at Dean Holland’s Automated Income Seminar. What a great event – lots of learning and ‘Aha’ moments and I also got to mingle with Dean himself and my mentor Marc Milburn.

Marc Milburn

Me with Marc Milburn

Dean Holland

Me with Dean Holland

It really was great picking their brains on how to set up my IM business. I actually have a clearer idea of how my business will be developing from now on.

My advice to anyone who can is to go to an event like this and ask lots of questions. People, including guys like Dean and Marc, are all too willing to impart some of their knowledge and experience.

It was also a great networking experience – I have made lots of new friends, some of whom may end up being business partners in the future. There were people visiting from Sweden and Ireland, and all over the UK. A great mix.

To top it off we even got a Mentalism performance from MoMentalist Phil Ainsworth.

All in all, a great event and a bloody good time was had by all.

Now, you will see a big push from me and I believe that things are going to start moving quickly.

Ciao for now and watch this space.