Success ………….. just!

Hi All

So it’s been a few weeks since I last posted and wanted to let you guys know what I’ve been up to.

Last time I blogged my targets were to get subscribers and possibly some sales. Well it has been a bitter sweet few weeks.

I started by creating a free report called G+ Money Madness (SUCCESS!); it’s a simple report outlining how to use Google+ to build a presence and then use that to gain followers. The followers can then be leveraged for sending traffic to whatever offer or website you choose. If you would like this free report then check the right margin for details.

I then created a funnel at (SUCCESS!) which includes a squeeze, confirm opt-in and download pages. Once that was complete I integrated them all with a double opt-in list in Aweber, my auto-responder of choice.

This meant that everything was complete and just needed some traffic pushing to it. So that meant in the first instance buying Solo Ads. I bought 2 separate 100 click Ads from Solochecker and waited for results.

Initially I was very impressed; from 217 clicks in total, I got 111 to enter their name and e-mails. That is an opt-in rate of about 53%. But, it turns out that only 4 of those (yes that’s a measly 4) subscribed. All other confirmations were left pending.

Asking a few people in the know and I have been told that for a free product it is probably better to use single opt-in. I will find out if that is true in the next couple of days as I have changed the funnel to single opt-in and have just purchased another 100 click Solo Ad from Solochecker. In theory, if I had opted for single opt-in in the first place I would have over 100 subscribers right now.



….. just.

On another note I had a chance to purchase the rights to Digital Millionaire Bootcamp by my mentor Marc Milburn. It is basically what Marc has been teaching me and how I am building my business. You can find it HERE. I would urge you to buy this. It is a fantastic blueprint on how to build a sustainable online business, from establishing your presence online to creating your own products.

Well, I hope you are learning from my successes and my mistakes.

I am very excited because I feel I am just around the corner from making a regular income online. Check with me in a weeks’ time to see how I get on with single opt-in Solo Ad.

Ciao for now!